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USPS Unveils Next Generation Mail Truck to Mixed Reactions


The United States Postal Service recently revealed a new set of electric and gas-powered delivery trucks set to replace their current delivery fleet. The design showed off this week drew mixed reactions on social media.

Gizmodo reports that officials at the USPS revealed at a press conference on Tuesday that the agency has awarded a $482 million contract to the Wisconsin-based firm Oshkosh Defense to produce a new fleet of mail delivery trucks that are scheduled to be rolled out in 2023.

However, the design of the vehicles has drawn mixed reactions on social media, with some embracing what they believe is a futuristic and sleek look, while others compare it to a “clown car.”

USPS delivery vehicles haven’t been updated since 1994 so it’s unsurprising that a new update would take a drastic design approach. Oshkosh’s plans for the Next Generation Delivery Vehicle (NGDV) include many features that current mail trucks lack, such as air bags, but the design has been panned by some.

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