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Is Donald Trump A Firewall For His Supporters

Last updated on January 14, 2021 2:55 pm

Trump has more enemies than the most hated man according to Wikipedia describing Martin Shkreli called “Pharma Bro” by some media, and is a American former hedge fund manager and convicted felon.

As a staunch believer, and lover of everything Trump, I feel certain, most have now encountered “Reverse Trump Syndrome” with entirely to many expectations.

For Me it started prior to the 2016 election, the public had fairly low expectations for Donald Trump’s presidency. Majorities of Americans said that if Trump was elected, he would not be likely to improve the way government works, set a high moral standard for the presidency or achieve other goals.

As patriots who are supporters of Trump some say they feel isolated because they can’t share who they voted for in their workplace or home for fear of being harassed or called xenophobic or misogynistic. With few people to talk to freely, we turn to online forums and their therapists. Now with all the lack of solid information, once again I’m feeling letdown. What are my expectations described in just 1 word?

Perhaps it could be easily stated when it comes to Donald J. Trump “What Makes You, Breaks You” and after all he just a man not “Supertrump”

Most of his strong supporter’s (including myself) may often become another weight for him to carry on his shoulders. Somehow that seems unfair. It’s clear the weight this man must carry would be the equivalent of being the world’s greatest Firewall.

What are Your Expectations? Here are 20 Words you might use to describe your expectation of Donald Trump!

  1. bold
  2. brave
  3. courageous
  4.  dauntless
  5. doughty
  6.  fearless
  7.  greathearted
  8.  gutsy
  9. gutty
  10.  heroic (also heroical)
  11.  intrepid
  12.  lionhearted
  13. manful
  14. stalwart
  15. stout
  16. stouthearted
  17. undauntable
  18. undaunted
  19. valiant
  20. valorous

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Kathi Krell
Kathi Krell
January 14, 2021 6:12 pm 6:12 PM


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