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Ted Cruz, a juror in Trump’s impeachment trial, said he advised Trump’s lawyers and told them they’d ‘already won’ their case

Connor Perrett

Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas, said during an episode of his podcast that he advised former President Donald Trump’s defense attorneys ahead of the impeachment trial, telling them they’d “already won” their case on behalf of the former president.

“I said, look, you’ve gotta remember you’ve already won,” Cruz said during a Friday episode of “Verdict,” his podcast that launched in 2020 during the former president’s first impeachment trial.

CNN previously reported that three GOP senators, including Cruz, had met with Trump’s legal team ahead of the Senate trial that began this week.

Cruz said he believed that Democrats were far from achieving the 67 votes needed to convict, and instead said he told the president’s lawyers there were anywhere from 53 to 57 votes to convict the former president, which would lead to an acquittal. 

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