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Should Every American Have To Complete Military Basic Training?

Last updated on February 13, 2021 10:13 am

Explore Cost vs Benefits

Military basic training is available for all Americans (18 years /up)  and doesn’t cost anything to sign up.  If you are a citizen and looking for a cause to get behind, We believe it is vital to every American to go forward, do their civic duty and enroll into military training. That’s because it can open the door for contributing to our country as a citizen while delivering numerous benefits to you and defending the country you live in.

Cost of getting military basic training 

There are numerous U.S. boot camps available for you to get military basic training. There is no charge $0.00 (No Dollar Costs)  associated with U.S. military training of any branch moreover, and specific boot camp Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines. that you attend are perfect for the situation.

You can expect to spend about  6 to 14- weeks of basic training based on the extent of training that you choose and the branch of service described above. No matter which branch you choose, the experience you get out of military training is totally worth it  when compared to the amount of money you spend in trade or other schools, and provides tremendous life skills for you’ll help being a part of defending our country. 

Benefits of military basic training

Let’s deep dive and take a look at some of the most prominent benefits that you can receive out of military basic training. These benefits would convince you on why you need to go ahead with military training. 

  • It is a rewarding experience 

Basic military training is one of the most rewarding experiences that you can get. Any person who wants to add more value into life can go for it. During the military training, it is possible for the individuals to win several medals and certifications as well. These medals / certifications can further enhance the outstanding experience that comes along with basic military training. 

  • Military training would contribute towards leadership skills 
  • Define / Learn to Be A Patriot / Support our Flag and Country
  • On The Job Training / Physical Training / Survival Skills

It is important for every American to be equipped with excellent leadership skills. That’s because the leadership skills can contribute a lot towards the success of a person. In other words, a person who has leadership skills will take responsibility for himself and all the actions that are done. On the other hand, a person who has gone through military training will be able to make timely and sound decisions as well. This will help a person to boost productivity as a citizen and get more work done in day to day life.

A person who has developed excellent leadership skills through military training will be able to set an example for others as well. In other words, he can be an inspirational character to the society and lead others in the direction of success. When such a person is assigned with a task, he fully understands what he is supposed to do. If there is a need to be dependable, he will do it without thinking twice.

One of the most interesting characters that we can see in a leader is that he will be equipped with the ability to cultivate his abilities, so that he can overcome all the challenges that are thrown on his way in life. This will help him to become a better person every single day. While improving skills like that, he will remain disciplined at all times as well. The knowledge shared by military training on how to remain disciplined would last with him for the rest of his / her  life.

  • Military training can expose a person to a unique learning experience 

Military basic training is something unique. It is an experience that you cannot get from school or anywhere else. This learning experience can directly contribute towards enhancing your tactical and technical proficiency in numerous skills. On the other hand, a person who goes through military basic training will be able to get military occupational specialty training as well. This can deliver the best assistance to people who wish to go through unique learning experiences to ensure their development.

While going through such a unique learning experience, it is possible to experience self-improvement. This is one of the best positive emotional experiences that a person who wants to grow can witness. On the other hand, any person who goes through military basic training will be able to learn more about capabilities, strength and areas that need to be improved. Based on that, it is possible to focus more on the areas that need to be improved and become a better person. 

  • Military training can ensure personal growth 

We all are looking forward to ensuring our personal growth. Taking part in military training is a proven and an effective method available to ensure personal growth. It can deliver enhanced maturity to us. On the other hand, we will be able to ensure proper strengthening of resiliency that we have.

Military basics training will not just assist people to ensure their physical development. It can contribute a lot towards emotional development as well. For example, a person who takes part in military training will get the knowledge and experience on how to act accordingly during situations associated with extreme stress. This experience can directly be applied in life. It can help a person to overcome traumas and many other mental health illnesses as well.

Moreover, a person who goes through military basic training will be able to enhance coping skills. This will help him to cope with numerous troubling situations in life. On top of everything, you can be proud about the experience that you have gone through to ensure your development.

  • Military training will enhance interpersonal skills 

Having excellent interpersonal skills can benefit a person a lot. For example, he will be able to develop stronger connections with other people in the workplace. Moreover, he will be able to have deep friendships as well. This will ensure interpersonal maturation at all times.

During military training, you will understand the importance of team playing and the responsibilities that you will need to fulfill as a team member. Along with that, you can figure out the importance of cooperation as well. You will continuously look out to ensure welfare of the team as well.

Final words

Keep these benefits in your mind and go through a military basics training. We believe that it is something that everyone should have to do and have a dog in the fight. You will never regret the returns that it can offer on your way. It is one of the biggest investments that a person can do as well. 

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