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Resign Now!’ billboard targeting Gov. Cuomo amidst dueling scandals gets update

By Bernadette Hogan

ALBANY — The Albany-area gun store owner who rented a billboard slamming Gov. Andrew Cuomo for the thousands of deaths from the coronavirus in nursing homes is now upping the ante — calling for the Democrat’s immediate resignation in light of the latest allegations of sexual harassment engulfing him.

Brian Olesen, owner of American Shooter Supply, told The Post he originally put up the message “Impeach!” to criticize the governor for nearly 15,000 deaths in nursing homes and long term care facilities — but this weekend’s newest allegations that the governor spoke inappropriately to a 25-year-old ex-aide to Cuomo — Charlotte Bennett — and another former staffer was the last straw.

Monday morning Olesen changed the billboard to read: “Resign Now!” in massive, red lettering, with a photo of Cuomo’s face below.

“I think that a lot of New Yorkers understand there’s a sense of urgency here in regards to Governor Cuomo. We know he’s a liar, we know he’s a bully. Now he’s being accused of being a sexual predator,” he explained to The Post.

“We have 15,000 fatalities in nursing homes [and other long term care facilities] that he’s lied to us about. When are New Yorkers going to stand up and remove this guy from office?”

The Cuomo administration is presently being investigated by federal prosecutors for allegedly withholding data pertaining to COVID-19 deaths related nursing homes and the state Attorney General’s Office is actively seeking a private attorney to lead a probe into the sexual harassment allegations.

A former Cuomo administration economic development staffer, Lindsay Boylan, wrote in a Medium blog post last week that the governor joked that he wanted to play “strip poker” and detailed an instance here he gave her an unwanted kiss.

The governor denied any physical interaction occurred, but he did apologize for workplace comments, arguing that he may have unknowingly took his “jokes” too far.

Olesen’s ad is located to the side of the Albany-area highway 787, which runs close to the exit leading to the state Capitol Building — the governor’s place of employment.

He’s paying a $8,500 monthly tab for the digital billboard, and said he had to change the sign because the impeachment process will take too long and with the governor facing dueling scandals — enough is enough.”

“The guy has lost all credibility as a governor. The state is bankrupt, the nursing home scandal is teetering on the verge of criminally negligent homicide,” he seethed. 

“Then there’s the latest, where he’s being accused of sexually harassing aides, which he vehemently denied and then he releases a puff pie where he tried to rationalize it.  Why would you apologize if you didn’t do something wrong?”

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