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Republicans Talk about winning in 2022; Why not expose their agenda so we may know them by their limping!

Last updated on February 25, 2021 2:20 pm

If you’ve turned on a tv lately and listened to politicians within the republican party already lathering us up with talking points about “the must win scenario in the house or senate” in 2022 doesn’t it sound like hummingbirds feeding from newly discovered nectar placed nearby in a birdhouse.

TV Politicians should be aware that we the people are sick of their meaningless words and blather. We demand action. After the recent election hoopla we are on to there game! Most of us are sick and tired of Elected officials who are posing as horrible Hollywood actors and drama queens.

With the usual time limitation on tv networks perhaps politicians who desire to get on TV should realize we the public are not stupid and will not remain quite or appear as going along with the status quo any longer.

Anyone speaking on tv should reveal their plan with valid talking points, not some ridiculous nonsense they feed us with like they truly care but really wasting time.

Here is a suggestion on defining a plan of action

What You May Not Know:

A political agenda is a list of subjects or problems to which government officials as well as individuals outside the government are paying serious attention at any given time. It is most often shaped by political and policy elites, but can also be influenced by non-governmental activist groups, private sector lobbyists, think tanks, courts, and world events.

Media coverage has also been linked to the success of the rise of political parties and their ability to get their ideas on the agenda. Although the media does often have an effect on the political agenda, these results are not always immediate. When there is a great time difference between decisions and results it is called a political agenda lag. Political agenda is also strongly tied to state centralization.

The more centralized a state, the more citizens will likely try and affect the political agenda. For this reason, many political elites tend to prefer a non-centralized state where they can maintain more control over the political agenda. The “Political Agenda Effect” asserts that when citizens from different backgrounds get together, their agenda will change in a way that takes their demands away from elites to focus more on public goods.

The “Escalation Effect” contends that if citizens get together, this will induce elites to form national resources to fight against them and maintain the political agenda the way they desire. The impact agenda is the increasing requirements for researchers to prove that there are real world impacts from their research. It is related to the political agenda because often governments measure a positive real world impact only in terms of the political agenda they have.

When it comes to building the political agenda, there are three main models which are commonly cited: the outside initiative model, mobilization model, and inside initiative model.

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