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Remembering Freedom. Once upon a time in America

By Cal Smith

Not so long ago most Americans would find themselves jetting out of there house, opening a car door or simply taking in a breathe of fresh air without the thought of newly imposed sanctioned or mandatory compliance codes. There weren’t any toilet paper shortages, food was moderately priced and meat was plentiful.

If You are like me, the use or proper wear of a mask was a bit burdensome, and searching for toilet paper was not even a consideration. If you share my sentiment, while feeling a bit naïve or innocent to the confusing mask direction or feared wearing the mask upside down, or just finding yourself on YouTube searching for better instructions. I shouldn’t leave out my advanced search on to many market place type websites for toilet paper.

Have we all taken our freedom for granite? Well, apparently so! If you agree, then please take a look at a few freedoms we have forgotten in just over one year.

  • Never wearing a face mask
  • Plenty of toilet paper
  • Affordable and available beef or chicken
  • Going out to a restaurant
  • Going for a drink at a local bar
  • No Formal shut down hours
  • No Concerts or Live Music
  • Not worrying about keeping 6′ distance
  • Just 10 People at Thanksgiving

I’m sure I have left out a few; and without certainty I will not entertain the idea where there are 2 sets of rules, one for the elites, and one for the rest of us.

The CDC, and several “Top Qualified Scientist / Doctors” would eventually agree over a few months, that mask were required, and then suddenly, more than fifty percent of my friends, family and relatives would argue over the necessity of the mask and many were angry about it. Nearly two or three months later, a much needed and informed decision would come down in my state, which ordered everyone to wear the mask and was written into law by the State Governor. In My opinion, that would later cause all hell to break out. It seemed no-one could agree to not wear the mask at all times in public, and some would not wear it at all, it just became difficult to figure out.

If you’re like me, I really miss the good times we had. Can we just get back to some sense of sanity. I’m ready to claim the victory over the virus. Maybe the cure is worst than the virus. I’m still as confused today as I have ever been. How about you?

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