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Quick Opinion. Democrats Impeachment Case Starting to Sound More Like Whining than Factual? Baseless to Trump Supporters

Last updated on February 10, 2021 5:05 pm

More Rhetoric at The Capitol Today

The Capitol Building may once again provide the sound of meaningless rhetoric to some watching at home as house democrats repeat the same victim sounding gestures they have been pushing for years.

Is there anyone remaining in the building as it appears the audience is falling asleep with the long winded whining at day two of the impeachment trial.

It may be painful to the ear to listen as some of the members give an under-rated Highschool theatrical performance, while trying to whip up a brand new demeaning of Trump. It may be worth noting and a complete waste of time. Most Trump supporters have seen this act before.

The politicization and bad acting, along with the extreme overdramatization to Trump supporters will likely again see right through the ridiculous bad video edits and use of terrible phone quality video as they try to demonstrate nothing more than intentional divide.

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