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Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn slated to command US Army Pacific, and 14 other promotions

Kyle Rempfer Jan 26, 2021

Fifteen general officer assignments were announced by the Army chief of staff Monday, including the ascension of Lt. Gen. Charles A. Flynn to command U.S. Army Pacific out of Fort Shafter, Hawaii.

Flynn, who currently serves as deputy chief of staff for Army operations, plans and training at the Pentagon, was key in crafting a new Army force generation model that was introduced this fall.

The new model is designed to regionally align Army units in roughly one year, Flynn previously told Army Times, giving soldiers expertise in the parts of the world to which they would deploy during an actual conflict and allowing them to stockpile the right equipment to win those clashes.

That type of preparation will help Flynn as he takes control of U.S. Army Pacific, a region where the Pentagon’s attention has increasingly shifted to confront a rising China.

Of note, Flynn is the younger brother of former Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who served as Trump’s first national security adviser before resigning within one month for lying about his contacts with Russian officials. Michael Flynn has remained a controversial public figure due to his support for the QAnon conspiracy and for proposing President Donald Trump impose martial law and deploy the military to re-run the 2020 election.

The familial ties drew scrutiny last week when the Army falsely denied that Charles Flynn was present during a phone call between the Pentagon and D.C. officials as the Jan. 6 Capitol riot unfolded, according to the Washington Post.

The Army ultimately confirmed to the Post that Flynn participated in the phone call, during which the Capitol Police pleaded for National Guard troops to assist in securing Capitol grounds.

There’s no indication Flynn shares his brother’s extreme views, and Flynn’s own career trajectory appears uninhibited by the relationship. His nomination for a fourth star was sent to the U.S. Senate in November and confirmed by a voice vote on Dec. 20.

Fourteen other general officers’ assignments were announced along with Flynn’s Monday:

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K Chavez
K Chavez
January 27, 2021 11:33 am 11:33 AM

Thank you for the information!
Since most news won’t share what is really happening, we turn to platforms like this one!

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