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7 Ways Joe Biden’s Wife Admits His Policies SUCK. Happy Now!

Last updated on September 16, 2021 2:45 pm

Policies? Great, Bad Create More Havoc

Your candidate policies might be better on, I don’t know, healthcare than Joe is, but you’ve got to look at who’s going to win this election. That’s the argument that Joe Biden’s wife is making.

My husband was pretty bad on the policies which is a pretty startling admission. But at least he's more likable, wrong not more likable but more details first from him. Exactly, so Jill Biden is making the argument that while her husband's policies might be subpar compared to some of the other candidates running.

You should still vote for Biden, you should settle for less. In fact, I don't wanna put words in her mouth, let's hear her full argument, take a look. Maybe you have to swallow a little bit and say, okay, I personally like so and so better.

But your bottom line has to be that we have to beat Trump policies. I know that not all of you are committed to my husband, and I respect that. But I want you to think about your candidate, his or her electability, and who’s going to win this race.

And so if you're looking at that you've got to look at the polls, and you know a lot of the times. I say, you know polls don't mean anything, polls don't mean anything. But if they're consistent and if they're consistently saying the same thing, I think you can't dismiss that.

Okay, so I'm gonna save how much her husband sucks on the policies for a little bit later. But, I can't stand this electability argument anymore for a number of reasons. Number one, it is the same exact argument that Hillary Clinton and, her supporters made last time around.

Yet, the media I don’t know if it’s that they’ve learned nothing from it or, that they just love the establishment candidates. So they just like no, I don’t remember 2016. Does anybody remember 2016? I don’t remember it.

I think we should run a status quo establishment candidate just like we did in 2016. I bet that’s not a way to lose to Donald Trump. So what she’s saying is the opposite of true. Now when she talks about the polls, look, we care deeply about facts and reality.

The polls for the moment being a new show that Biden beats Trump by a wide margin, but so does Bernie Sanders. Yes. And what the media never tells you is, they always say by it’s more like a more likable, more elected born.

Well, have you ever heard anyone saying Sanders’s policies are incredibly electable beats, Donald Trump, with a weapon state according to all the same polls? Never, never, and they still can’t see their bias like what bias, what I despise Bernie Sanders and he’s obviously not electable.

Even though I’m going to the same poll way to send that’s why Biden’s electable. They’re at the same numbers if Biden might have one or two-point lead is some of the polls, but they’re both crushing Trump.

And lastly, in this, come on guys, do you cover politics at all? How biased are you, if you are a television pundit? Because- Very biassed. Yes, Joe Lieberman had a lead in 2004, Joe Lieberman. And then he bragged about coming in fifth in New Hampshire and said he had Joementum.

Because it was kinda tied for third, do you know why he was leading? Cuz he was the vice-presidential nominee for Al Gore. That’s why he was leading in the beginning when people were not paying attention.

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So they're maddening in their bias. So I want to piggyback off of what you just said, the last thing you just said, which is, they are not paying attention. So I always try to take myself out of the bubble that we're in and the bubble that politicals are in.

And try to think about politics from the perspective of the average American who does something completely different for their work. Most Americans are not hyper-focus on what’s going on with Democratic Primary at this moment.

Are they paying some attention? Yes, but right now, a lot of the polling is dependent upon name recognition. And if you can remember, just yesterday we showed you a Fox News poll that showed the Democratic front runners, every single one of them, right? So from Biden to Bernie to Warren and I believe Kamala Harris was the fourth person on that list.

And every single one of them would beat Donald Trump today if the general election were to take place today. So in response to Jill Biden's argument, sure, I mean, it makes sense to focus on candidates who have the best chance of beating Donald Trump.

Even if that means that you have to compromise on some of the policies that you care about, but at this point, we don't need to compromise. We have candidates who would absolutely be Donald Trump if the election were to take place today.

And more importantly, they have policies that do go along with our core values and what we care about. I wanna build off that Kamala Harris has now dropped to five points in the polling among the Democrats.

So she has plummeted, lost 12 points according to the last poll that came out today. She still beat Donald Trump easily, and she would, she crushed Donald Trump. So I don’t agree with Kamala Harris’s policy she came out with Medicare for all proposal that is not remotely Medicare for all and is now backpedal even further than that.

policies suck picture

I’m telling you that so you see we’re not biased. Kamala Harris would kick Donald Trump’s ass easily. All four of the top candidates who would very, very likely what the one that is the least electable is Joe Biden cuz he’s the exact model of the one person who lost to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has literally never won at anything in his life. Six bankruptcies, loser, lost everything he’s ever touched. He is the opposite of the Midas touch. The only way to lose to Donald Trump is on an establishment candidate that says everything is hunky-dory.

Let’s just keep going as we are. How do I know that cuz we just saw that in 2016? So I just one more thing and sorry about that. In 2008 the Hillary Clinton lost to Barrack Obama when every pundit on TV said she was invincible.

Then they turn around in 2016 and told you she's invincible and she can't possibly lose. I'm just telling you, beware of television pundits. They're not telling you what reality is. They're telling you what they want.

They want someone to keep the status quo going because they’re all multimillionaires. That’s why they’re the most biased people in America. So I agree with you in that Biden seems to have a very similar losing strategy as Hillary Clinton.

And remember, her strategy was all about, I'm not gonna give you something to vote for. I'm going to fearmonger about the possibility of Donald Trump winning, and you are gonna vote for me as a way of protesting Donald Trump.

That didn't work, and one other thing was I want to appeal to people in the middle or I want to appeal to some on the right. And it's incredible because what you're about to hear from Jill Biden is the same policy.

Only this time, it's coming from Biden, take a look. I think if your goal, I know my goal is to beat Donald Trump. And so if you look at the polls, if you look at Joe, with his record with independents, we can't just have Democrats who are going to win.

you know we have to include everybody, our party has to be more inclusive. This means we have to go to the independents and say join us. We have to go to Republicans and say, okay, you’re a Republican, but you can’t tell me that your children are proud of the president, you know of the things he says.

But you're really gonna have, you're gonna negotiate with Republicans. You're gonna negotiate at this juncture with Republicans who support Donald Trump. It's as if they're living in a completely different universe.

There is no negotiating, there is no compromising, there’s no reasoning with people with voters who still at this point support someone like Donald Trump. Who has made excuses for right-wing extremism that has cost the lives of innocent Americans?

He has brutalized and dehumanized children at the border by putting them in cages, six of them have died under his watch as a result of that. You think that they’re gonna sit down and have a conversation with them, and they’re going to change their minds, and somehow miraculously vote for Joe Biden? I mean, it’s just such a stupid, not even short-sighted, it’s no-sighted.

Completely unaware of what’s happening in America today with right-wing Republican voters. They’re not interested in you, they’re not. Yeah, it’s a proven failed strategy. How do I know? It’s not because hey I love progressives and so I think that they might win.

Look at the facts. So in 2016, Hillary Clinton said I’m gonna reach out to Republican voters in the suburbs. And I think they’re gonna flip over to me and vote for me instead of Donald Trump. How did that turn out? Look, guys, it’s not to rub it in.

It’s because I don’t want us making the same mistake. We cannot have Donald Trump win another four years, and be in office for another four years. It didn’t work, she didn’t win. Wake up Joe Scarborough, everyone in cable news.

Wake up, she didn’t win. Hillary Clinton is not the president. It was a stupid strategy. You know, look, I can go on and on. Claire McCaskill, now that loser’s on MSNBC telling us how to run campaigns.

She ran as a Republican. She was gonna get Republicans in the suburbs, who represented Donald Trump, that’s not 2016, that was 2018 lost. Now at the same time, progressive policies are increasing the minimum wage in Missouri, which won in a landslide.

If you went progressive, you could have won in Missouri. Joe Donnelly, that loser of losers. I'm just like the Republicans, but I'm a Democrat. Got crushed in Indiana. How many times are you going to lose with this strategy? The one thing I agree with Jill Biden on, we cannot risk losing to Donald Trump, that's why it can't be Joe Biden.

Look, the last thing on Biden’s electability, in fact, two things. One is we’ve seen him run for president now like 28 times in my lifetime. I’m old enough to know. He was terrible in 88 and got crushed.

He was terrible in 2008 and got crushed. The only reason we’re having a conversation about Joe Biden is that he won a coin toss and instead of Evan by Barack Obama said, I guess it’s Biden, I’ll pick Biden.

He’s never won a big campaign and then what happens. They do the debates, that’s where people can see him. He immediately drops in the polls. It’s happened in both debates, they see him. He plummets after the polls, but what’s interesting is he then comes back up after a couple of weeks, why? One is yes name recognition.

People go yeah, the vice president, yeah sure, Biden, Biden. But the main reason is, in those next couple of weeks, the media picks him back up. They resuscitate him and they say he's the most selectable, most selectable, most selectable.

Every single pundit says I wanna protect my millions most selectable, most selectable, most selectable. And then Biden rises back up in the polls, and then every time the voters even the debates move, and he dies back down and other 10 points, he is not electable.

God damn it, they're so stupid and they're going to ruin this country if they make the same mistake. Look, I don't know how to get this message across to a broader group of voters. But at this point and especially when it comes to the primaries, just make sure that you ignore all the noise coming from all these establishment figures.

Don’t allow them to fear monger. The primaries are meant to allow the party, the voters, to make the best decision. And all this other stuff is irrelevant, right? Like, who has the best policies? And who has the best political strategy for accomplishing those policies? Because remember the policy proposals, that’s only half of the equation, right? Do they have the ability to garner enough political capital to get it done? And are they willing to make members of their own party and more importantly, Republicans bend to their will, that’s what matters?

Someone like Joe Biden isn't interested in having anyone bend to as well. Joe Biden is interested in working with Republicans and working with Republicans when you're a Democrat simply means conceding to Republicans.

We saw it under the Obama administration for eight straight years period. And Joe Biden, admitting there that are his policies are not as good in healthcare. It's amazing, he's a doctor. He's always bragging about Dr.

Joe Biden. Well, Dr. Joe Biden’s like, I know you don’t like my husband’s healthcare policies, because come on they suck, right? And, and by the way, it’s not just that they suck in the policy.

According to the polling, Medicare for all, no matter how much the liars on television cannot read a poll or lie about it on purpose is popular. It's about any idiot loser Harry Reid comes out today.

He’s like, we shouldn’t do Medicare for all. We will lose votes that way, that should be our last priority. They can’t read a poll. You say you gotta look at the polls because Biden would beat Trump.

Okay, then look at the polls. When you say Medicare for all, polls are great. You say it takes away private insurance, then you add, it takes away private insurance, but gives you Medicare. They’re like, yeah, that’s what I thought you meant, way above 50%, deeply popular.

Now let's go with a less popular approach because Joe Scarborough doesn't like it, and every millionaire on television doesn't like it, not interested. Guys, progressives cannot lose this time around the primaries.

The whole country and maybe even the whole world is riding on it. We have to do everything in our power to get it through people's heads. The American worker, the average American deserves better.

And if you actually say to them, we’re gonna give you higher wages, and we’re gonna give you healthcare and unlike Trump, we’re not lying. We actually deeply care about it and we’ve been saying the same thing for four years, we’re gonna deliver for you.

That’s how you win by actually meaning it instead of going, well I mean I’d like to play a bad man with Donald Trump, you would have voted for me. What a stupid losing strategy.

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