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How Trump helped working class people gain confidence , Not become “domestic terrorist”!

Last updated on February 21, 2021 7:47 pm

I won’t attempt to speak for a few idiots who are so extremists and have crazy intentions. I’ am making an argument for the majority of the authentic Americans “74,000,000 of us” who voted for Trump.

It could easily be said during the 4 years of former president Donald Trump’s time in office, that he gave a lot of thought to inspire and gain the working class vote. I am happy to report I’m proud to be one of those believers and disciples.

The tone in his voice was direct, and spewing with confidence that only most parents would understand while raising there children to be proud and confident. It didn’t happen over night with my parents but someway , somewhere and somehow I grew up exactly as the strict parenting would intend. My Parents loved this country and I could clearly see this man meant and knew the importance of family, how to get it done again with jobs, and again have a proud belief in our country.

Whatever you may think. don’t put me in a category or define me as a domestic terrorist, I’ may be simple but me and most of my friends care about this country, it’s history, and it’s faith in God.

The 1st time I heard Donald Trump’s voice in a speech given to a live audience I was hooked.  It was like no other politician spoke before, and I had never heard before. I was caught up in the fact that he spoke like a parent, or a construction superintendent, building something with pride and definitely speaking the people’s language, not your typical politician with campaigns to inspire and always let us down after the first month or two in office.

Trump’s speech helped most of us believe that work was coming back, good jobs, good pay and parents could once again thrive in their jobs to build a future. Basically “Make America Great Again”. Most working class didn’t vote and believed we could trust politicians to do there jobs with honor, sincerity, and bravery. We failed to believe this great Country could be robbed by politically correct politicians who said one thing but would often do another. That is the sentiment most working class people have.

Most working class people grew up without a silver spoon in there mouth however, the past 25 -30 years I watched the country lose it’s foudation, it’s base, and belief for the “true blue workers” building something right here in this country.

Sure we had grew our families and most worked an eight hour shift. No offense, we didn’t have people entering our borders that would soon replace us with workers who had nothing better to do than work 16 to 18 hour days. Many of the workers I knew couldn’t wait to get home to their family, or pick up that hobby or craft.

Most of us, that is (“The True Blue Workers”) had values and priorities including family life, hobbies, hunting, fishing, and loving everyday as the Luke Bryan song says. But we did not have the ” illegal immigrant issue” at that time. It took years to replace the strong backed American workers and rob us of our dignity.

Most working class people are not opposed to legal immigration, we are not racist or extremist, we just wont to work, have pride, build something, and have our great country back in a way to give all of us a fair chance for a better life.

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