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How Baby Boomers to Generation Y can get along in America

Last updated on February 13, 2021 10:12 am

During the past few years, we could see how Generation Y, or the millennial population increased
rapidly within United States. As of now, Generation Y has become the largest segment of the labor force
as well. There are more than 56 million Millennials who contribute to the workforce to be exact. Hence,
Baby Boomers and Generation Y often come across situations where they will have to interact with each
other and get things done.
We often see how conflicts arise when the Generation Y works along with Baby Boomers. The
differences in their ages and their thinking patterns are the main reasons behind these conflicts.
However, it is important to learn how to end these conflicts. This is where the Generation Y and Baby
Boomers should learn how they can collaboratively work.
Let’s take a look at some of the methods that Generation Y and Baby Boomers can follow in order to get
along within America and put an end to the conflicts.
– Understanding the reality behind struggle for power
Generational conflicts are quite common out there in the world. This is applicable to United States as
well. As of now, Generation Y has been able to become the biggest segment within the workforce. They
will continue to increase in the future as well. Therefore, we can expect to see them playing a
dominating role. This would eventually give life to struggles with power.
According to a recent study, it has been identified that millennial population in global workforce will
increase up to 75% by the year 2025. This will happen in America as well.
It is also important to notice how the top-leadership positions are gradually being acquired by people
who belong to Generation Y. This fact was proven from an in-detailed analysis conducted by Korn Ferry,
which is one of the largest companies to exist in the country. As of now, the average age of the C-Suite
executive is around 54 years. On the other hand, the average age of a company CEO is increasing along
with time.
The increasing power of Generation Y within the workplaces might seem like a threat to all the Baby
Boomers. However, there is nothing to worry about it. That’s because transition of power is not
something new. We could see it happening over the past few decades as well. Hence, the Baby Boomers
should never believe that Generation Y are posing a threat to them. It is important to change this
mindset and we will be able to see how lots of struggles that exist out there in the world would come to
an end.
– Consider the generational difference as an excellent learning opportunity
People who belong to Generation Y as well as Baby Boomers should think of generational difference as
an excellent learning opportunity available for them to grab. This mindset will contribute heavily
towards the successful blending in between two generations.
The Baby Boomers usually judge the way how the millennials approach work. It is important to refrain
from making such judgements. In fact, the smart Baby Boomers will be able to take complete advantage
of the Millennials and learn new skills out of them. This will help those Baby Boomers to keep their skills

up to date and remain strong. On the other hand, they find it as an easy task to anticipate the changes
that will be created by Generation Y, instead of reacting to the surprises.
Generation Y appreciates to have flexibility within their work arrangements at all times. This should
never be considered as a sign of entitlement. Instead, it is important to consider it as a sign, which
indicates changing times. This would eventually create additional flexibility. On the other hand, it would
also create a choice for the Baby Boomers as well. They will be able to re-invent the way on how they
think about work. This will eventually provide opportunity to create an agile, lean and an adaptable
working environment.
– Bridging the gap through mentorship
Baby Boomers will be able to act as mentors and support the Generation Y. Generation Y is in need of
mentorship. The best approach available for them to get that mentorship is through the assistance given
by Baby Boomers. Hence, it is important to get into appropriate relationships. We believe that this is
one of the most effective measures that Baby Boomers and Generation Y can follow in order to get
along with each other in the country.
While developing such relationships, it is important to understand the factors that can motivate them to
go ahead and ensure success. Most of the people who belong to Generation Y know the importance of
instructions and coaching. Hence, they tend to go for it without keeping any doubts in mind. Guidance
can help Generation Y to learn the best path available for them to pick and move forward in the future.
Baby Boomers can also be able to receive numerous benefits through the mentorships that they offer to
the Generation Y. For example, they can go ahead and develop solid and strong relationships with the
Generation Y. Along with that, it is possible for them to share values. Improved engagement will be able
to help the Baby Boomers to learn how to think out of the box. This can help them with discovering
solutions to most of the problems that they have been dealing in day to day life.
Generation Y has a good digital proficiency. However, it is something that Baby Boomers are lacking.
This will create a great atmosphere to share knowledge. Hence, both Baby Boomers as well as
Generation Y will be able to transform themselves into better individuals.
Final words
These are some of the most effective methods on how Baby Bombers will be able to get along with
Generation Y. Pay special attention towards these and you will be able to develop stronger relationships,
which would benefit everyone.

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