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Hellcat Roast Profiles

Roast Profiling. … Flavor profile characteristics are of course determined by the coffee itself, but are greatly impacted by the roast profile. A roast profile is basically what happened during the roast and what adjustments were made to effect the outcome. A more direct description: roast profiling is data collection.

French roast coffee is a popular style and one that many of our coffee drinkers prefer. This dark roasted coffee has a smoky sweetness and can often have a charred taste. This has caused some coffee geeks to refer to it as a ‘burnt’ coffee. Yet, how does French roast compare to other Hellcat Coffee  coffee beans? If you’re looking for something a bit lighter or darker, which style should you choose? At “Hellcat Coffee” our Blends can be Custom Roasted to your Taste.

French roast

French roast is considered to be a double roast coffee. This is a category of dark roasted coffee characterized by an intense and smoky-sweet flavor, accompanied by a thin body and mouthfeel..

Compared to lighter roasts (like cinnamon light roast coffee, which is highly acidic), French roast coffee is far less acidic and roasted in flavor. It often has a charred, charcoal-like note. Dark roasts like French roast completely overpower the flavor and aroma nuances of the coffee beans themselves. That makes it nearly impossible to taste much of the origin or coffee varietal of the beans.

Most Popular Roasting Profiles

Full City

This roast is at the tail end of 1st crack and you may be still hearing the last few beans crack. Bean Temp is 420+-430 F


At this point we’re really into dark roast territory. The Beans are in the middle of the second crack with Temp 440+-445 F


This roast is well into the second crack and beyond. We are  careful to not burn the beans. Lots of Smoke, and Temp 456+  F

Full city Roast Picture

This roast is from the very beginning of 2nd crack into a barely rolling 2nd crack. The beans will be not oily to just having a bit of oil. You’ll also notice a bit more smoke coming from your roaster and sometimes you’ll see a nice big puff indicating the beginning of the 2nd crack. Full City Roast is what is most commonly referred to as “medium” roast, though Full City + edges into the dark side. At this point there will be a balanced mixture in flavor between the individual origin of the coffee and the taste of the roasting process which is why it’s so popular. We recommend this roast for most coffees as it gives the best of both worlds.

Full City Italian Roast

At this point we’re really into dark roast territory. It will be the middle of second crack (what we call rolling second crack as it’s consistent and not just a few cracks here and there) and there will be a clear sheen of oil on most of the beans. There will be more and more smoke coming from your roaster at this point as well. Now we really begin tasting more of the actual roasting process flavors and little origin flavor. Some very dense beans (Indonesian beans usually) can get this dark and still maintain a pretty clear origin flavor. This is also a great roast level if you like your coffee to be less acidic and bright. This Is the most common roast profile.

Roast Coffee-Italian

We’re now reaching the end of 2nd crack. The cracking will be tapering off, but still rolling for the most part. The beans will be covered in a sheen of oil that is unmistakable. There will also be lots of smoke coming from your roaster, so use caution with ventilation! The beans will also start to change color and will start to look more grey-black as than brown. At this point the coffee will have almost no origin flavor and will taste only like the “roast,” meaning you could roast any coffee to French Roast and it would all taste almost the same. There will be a burnt undertone to the taste and the coffee will be much “thinner” in texture. There should be very little acidity or brightness here.

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