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Family using CBD to treat autism

Welcome in so you’ve probably determined CBD advertised all over the place you can get it at almost every health and nutrition supermarket oils vapors don’t get you high but experts claim it can treat a whole multitude of ailments and even got to get a better night’s sleep lots of studies ought to have done on CBD oil derived from the hemp embed and now we have spoken to a family who says it’s working wonders with their child who has autism so who’s more anxious at a school performance the boys or the parents we’re Katie and Matthew Denton the extra guts probably on their surface of the theater they’re 13 time aged lad Slade seems to have this down just fine it’s amazing it’s just been I feel like it’s been life-changing Slade goes to the North Florida school special education a life changing residence the Denton’s say you check Slade has autism and he’s so funny I intend it takes him a hour longer than you or I it’s a process thing she says he’s very high-functioning very social though as he’s getting older they’ve noticed his anxiety gets the better of him sometimes he would melt down and I mean we call it throwing it’s hancher something that they are able to previously represent action like this and I was like we have to do something because we can’t live this channel and it’s torture for him so she caused CBD oil a try she had been researching it on the advice of a purchaser and when they noticed his anxiety maybe about to get out of control they’ll gave a got a couple of sags of lubricant in his juice within like 1 to two minutes he was fine were you surprised to learn no no no that is Ponte Vedra pediatrician dr.Island oz Damir and she is a big advocate for using CBD to treat various things including autism now the social sciences of it all is pretty complex but I’ll do the best to break it down for you through the skill of cartooning so in the human brain you’ve got billions of these neurotransmitters things that are communicating backward and forward and within the transmitters you have receptors that define what chemicals get exhausted turned on turn off CBD when ingested it’s a promiscuous molecule oh but not like that symbolize it doesn’t accurately fit in with all of the receptors but it certainly can have a reaction when it fits just a little bit so for instance it robs up with a receptor for dopamine or serotonin that chemical gets released and thunder it’s anti-anxiety because we know and you know CBD has an effect on the cannabinoid receptor how did it get it moved great a therapy that has given them a lot of relief even though it’s certainly not perfect or a cure-all Katie says that for them it’s made all the difference you think enormous we weren’t gonna know what autism take control of our life and not is everything for panic of him having anxiety or get upset and it’s just it’s wonderful and it’s legal in all 50 states lots of questions though for example will I disappoint a drug test if I take it no I symbolize it’s a derivative from the hemp seed will it got to get high no it won’t and side effects or downsides certainly so I did ask dr.o who we read there and the narration she says if you use too much CBD oil the most difficult side effects you may notice is bone-dry cavity.

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