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Democrats Reject Coronavirus Bill Amendment to Divert Funds from Pelosi’s Subway to Children’s Mental Health


House Democrats passed a $1.9 trillion coronavirus bill just after midnight Saturday after stripping it of an amendment that would have redirected $140 million from a subway project in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hometown of San Francisco to mental health services for children.

Freshman Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-IA) introduced the amendment, which was swiftly dismissed. Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) joined Hinson on social media calling out the Democrats’ priorities in the legislation.

“Americans are crying out for targeted relief,” Hinson said on the House floor. “How insulting is it to frontline workers who have still not received a COVID-19 vaccine? The mom trying to pay rent while her small business is in danger. And what about the ER docs and nurses treating kids rushed in for a mental health crisis?”

“This is Washington pork spending at its worst,” Hinson said:

The bill, which also funds millions of dollars for purposes that have nothing to do with the coronavirus or related suffering from the pandemic, was 219-212.

Two Democrats broke ranks and voted against the bill: Reps. Kurt Schrader of Oregon and Jared Golden of Maine. No Republican voted for the massive package that now heads to the Senate.

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