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Can Lindsey Graham really be trusted. Remember “If We Nominate Trump, we will get destroyed and we deserve it”.

Last updated on February 25, 2021 10:54 am

By Cal Smith-Contributor TPN

If anyone can be seen as wavering or flickering light a candle, it has to be Lindsey Graham. The fact we all remember the effort in March 23, 2016 ousting then nominee Donald Trump on the Daily Show.

If that wasn’t enough convincing, then perhaps remembering the Old Tweet that shows up occasionally to remind us of his real opinion of Trump.

lindsey graham tweet 2 25 21 article

Now All of a sudden after the up and down emotional roller coaster with Lindsey and once again appearing on a late night show with Greg Kelly show (Newsmax), Lindsey is trying to stimulate or distract us form what we all may suspect deep inside. He did provide the typical valiant long winded speech and appeared to be a staunch ally of Donald Trump and the republican party.

Are we suppose to believe that all politician’s are allowed to be waffler’s. I’m still not sure if he was on our side January 6th and during the impeachment trial of Donald Trump his agenda regained a voice in the Republican Party that perhaps is not truthful.

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