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Biden’s Relief Bill Just Got Easier to Pass

By Taegan Goddard

“Democrats didn’t have 50 Senate votes to pass a $15 minimum wage increase, and the entire debate was complicating the rest of the Covid-19 relief package.”

“So if the goal was having the least amount of drama before passing the bill, then the Senate parliamentarian did Biden and the Dems a big favor (and it’s maybe the reason why Biden had already been signaling that the minimum wage hike wasn’t going to survive).”

“Now there’s a legitimate debate for Biden and the Dems on what they do next on the minimum wage. Do they try to pass a stand-alone hike to $15? Somewhere lower but tied to inflation? Or do they take tax deductions away from corporations that don’t pay a $15 per-hour minimum wage, as Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., called for after the parliamentarian ruling?”

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