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Bail Reform in Jacksonville -New Changes That Can Affect Your Bail

Last updated on February 18, 2021 9:51 am

By Cal Smith

Bail reforms in Florida have been long overdue. However, we can now see some progress in it. If you are from Jacksonville, it is important for you to have a clear understanding about the changes that will be introduced along with these bail reforms. If you are in Jacksonville Florida and need a bail, click here to contact at Big Trouble Bail Bonds in Downtown Jacksonville Florida

Based on a lawsuit that was filed in the year 2020, the leadership of the court in Philadelphia came up with a decision to initial bail reforms. The main objective of this reform was to allow more people to release pretrial. The decision was handed over to the Supreme Court. This is where the situation was analyzed with the objective of getting a better understanding about the extent of changes that should be taking place. In the meantime, they were analyzing the consequences that can take place along with bail improvement as well.

This bail reform taking place in Jacksonville and other counties of Florida are quite different from the sweeping changes that we could see in New York and New Jersey. That’s because it went ahead with litigation, instead of legislation. When you take a look at New York and New Jersey, you can see how they completely got rid of money bail for the non-violent offenses. However, this faced a major backlash. 

There were numerous opinions published online related to the bail reforms that took place in New York. For example, some people are not happy with the decision taken to weaken landmark reforms. However, others say that the reforms taken place were completely based upon anecdotal evidence. 

Even though the bail reforms in Jacksonville are not yet completed, we will be able to get a better understanding on how it would be like based on information that is currently available to us. For example, we can see how the bail reforms would ensure betterment of people who are dealing with making the payments because of their low income. With these changes, they will be provided with favorable conditions, where they will not have to pay bail because of their low income levels. This will help them to get released before the trial. 

The practice for having money bail to proceed with pretrial release is not so uncommon. It is possible to see this practice in numerous jurisdictions that are located throughout the country. However, it is currently being discovered that it is not the best pretrial system available as of now. According to numerous recent lawsuits, we could see how concerns related to this were raised. That’s because some people were not able to secure pretrial release based on their income and race. 

For example, we can see how a woman was recently sentenced to a period of more than two months in jail, just because she could not afford to pay the bail of just $2,500. The offense that she has committed was driving without a valid license. It is the high time for this to change and make the overall system more favorable. Then people will get the opportunity to go through the legal process, without having to worry too much about their financial status. 

Most of the people in Jacksonville believe that the existing pretrial system should go through significant reforms in the near future. That is taken into consideration as of now. In fact, the law enforcement authorities and lawmakers are currently working together in order to make the pretrial system human for people as much as possible. Therefore, we will be able to see some significant changes take place in the near future as well. 

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