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AstraZeneca Coronavirus Vaccines Face More Suspensions Following Patient Deaths

The death of a 57-year-old teacher in Italy has resulted in thousands of COVID-19 vaccine doses being seized by prosecutors in the Piedmont region; moreover, Italian public health officials have joined their Nordic counterparts in suspending administration of the vaccine. France and Germany have followed suit. In recent days, the death of a nurse in Sweden was initially linked to an AstraZeneca vaccine, but forensic investigators do not think that was the case. The main concern with this vaccine is its potential to cause episodes of blood clotting. In the United States, dozens of patients who received vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna have also died after getting their doses, but their autopsies revealed other causes. Even the recent death of legendary American boxer Marvin Hagler, who passed away at the age of 86, was rumored to be linked to vaccine reactions, but his widow has refuted such claims.

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