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Are American politics broken?

Last updated on February 25, 2021 1:19 pm

By Cal Smith Contributor TPN

Since November 3, 2020 most of American’s have waited for some form of justice. It takes very little time spent on many social media sites to realize people are not just rolling over or giving up on Donald Trump. Spend 10 minutes on Tik Toc and you’ll find 1 out of every 6 videos promote a belief that trump will take over or moreover, he’ll be back in 2024 to clean up the mess left by the current administration.

Research on the American political system shows that the Congress now is more divided than ever, pulled apart by two starkly different conceptions of government

With so many news agencies who are effected by (TDS) (Trump derangement syndrome), who have all became very boring and now thrive for a taste of Trump. TV networks like CNN , are grinding the teeth looking to feed their salacious appetite with giddy oohing and awing over the upcoming CPAC meeting this Sunday Feb 28th just recently announced with the possible Trump Speech looking for whatever they can find to instill more gruesome punishment to this president who is loved by so many.

Have there ever been an American President who has been more demonized or punished as Donald Trump. I think not. Trump still remains in the minds and hearts of his supporters and simultaneously fixated in the minds of weak ass nut jobs looking to promote there progressive agenda by twisting his words to fit their narrative.

The real problem with American politics is the growing tendency among politicians to pursue victory above all else—to treat politics as war—which runs counter to basic democratic values and may be crippling Washington’s ability to reach solutions that capture the smartest thinking of both camps. 

What should we do about the influence of money in our campaigns and our government?

Here are a few suggestions to fix what Americans Already Know:

  1. Eliminate professional politicians from using public office as careers by dramatically reducing the salaries and benefits of all elected officials.
  2. Create a public-financing system in which every American would get a $500 voucher to spend on an organizer for a cause of their choosing.
  3. Ban members of Congress from ever becoming lobbyists.
  4. Disclose Corporate Campaign Spending
  5. Curb Corporate Power
  6. A New Cabinet Position and Federal Agency to Fight Corruption
  7. Term Limits
  8. Make Campaigns Exclusively Public-Funded

Love to hear your comments.

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