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A quiet day following an unsettled Thursday

Friday will bring a change from the powerful storms and tornadoes that have pushed through the Southeast over the last few days. The weather will improve significantly from Thursday to Friday.

An isolated area of rain will make its way through the Carolinas and turn to snow further north. The center of the U.S. will remain bright and warm as temperatures reach the upper-40s and low-50s. In the Southern States, the warm air pushing north from the Gulf of Mexico will dominate the region. The next weather system bringing rain and snow to the west will begin to move into the Pacific Coast on Friday morning.

After a day of tornado watches and warnings, the Southeast and much of the East Coast will stay dry and clear. The Gulf Coast will feel warm, with clear skies extending from Texas to Georgia.

The high temperatures in Houston will reach 70, and Tallahasse will hit 66 on Friday afternoon. In Florida, the concern for rain and pop-up storms will be limited to the southern tip of the state. A band of rain will develop along the East Coast in the Carolinas, with Charlotte reaching a high of 56 by Friday afternoon.

To the north of the rain in the Carolinas, the risk of unsettled weather will include snow developing in Virginia. The Appalachians will see a mix of snow and sleet moving through the Mid-Atlantic towards Philadelphia, where the temperature will reach 51. Close to the Canadian border, the temperatures will fall into the 30s throughout the Northeast.

In Maine, Bangor will remain chilly throughout the day at 34.

In the center of the U.S., the risk of rain and snow will be minimal. In the Midwest, the temperatures will climb five degrees above those felt on Thursday. Minneapolis will enjoy a day of sunshine and an afternoon high of 51.

Both the Central Plains and the Rockies are forecast by The Weather Channel to see clear skies and high temperatures in the upper-40s and low-50s. In Denver, the afternoon high will reach 49 and hit 51 to the eats in Kansas City, Missouri.

To the West, the latest band of rain and snow is forecast to arrive on Friday morning. Across the Pacific Northwest, showers will move into the coastal regions of Washington and Oregon.

Snow will develop in the Cascades and move east into the High Plains of Montana, with Missoula reaching a high temperature of 53. The West Coast will see rain moving south through the Golden State from Redding to Los Angeles.

Redding will feel warm at 58 and see a mix of rain and sunny spells.

By Saturday, the new storm system moving into the Pacific Northwest towards the Rockies and the Northern Plains. The coastal regions of the Northwest are forecast to see rain, with snow developing at the higher elevations of the Cascades.

The eastern third of the U.S. will remain clear and dry on Saturday, with the afternoon highs reaching the mid-50s in the north and the mid-60s in the south.

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